To some who have known us all our lives, we are still a mystery.

To some whom we've just recently met, we are friends or mentors or teachers...or just someone to act as a sounding board, a good listener, a broad shoulder, an impartial source...

We are the Bead Angel Family....and you are a member...welcome to the reunion!
Hope is a guardian angel.  The original painting of Hope, which hangs in the store and greets all who enter in the lobby, is the basis for our logo and graces the top of every page of this website.

At one time, Hope was primarily a personal guardian for Susan Myers, the transformational artist who ‘brought Hope to life’ on canvas. Since her death in 2001, Susan has moved on rapidly through the next levels of her evolutionary development, and Hope has taken on a new mission.

Hope is the direct angelic representative of The Bead Angel (the store), whereas ADAGIO is the name by which we address the over-lighting Devic presence which is guiding and inspiring The Bead Angel enterprise. Hope works with Adagio as the public ‘angelic face’ of The Bead Angel. She was the inspiration for the name; in many respects she is the Bead Angel.

Hope is a personal guardian for the store and all who work in it, as well as a ‘guardian intermediary’ for all the customers and clients of The Bead Angel.

Your personal guardian angels work with you on all levels. From the highest spiritual planes to the most mundane of daily tasks, your guardians are there to protect, to encourage, to inspire and to help.

Hope is here to help you to connect with your guardians in a more direct way…more personally, with more awareness. As you gaze upon her lovely, joyful, child-like face, you can feel yourself drawn into a more relaxed state, one in which you are ‘lighter’, even happier, almost immediately, with no apparent effort. 
At this point, she is already helping you to open to the presence and awareness of your own angelic guardians.

She asks you to use her image as a mandala, a focal point of concentration or meditation, that it (and she) may become a doorway that facilitates your angelic connection.

Hope is also an Angel of Hope, whose nature is Hope.

Here is her message of Inspiration and Hope:
Where there is despair, there is also Hope.
Where there is darkness, there is hope of light;
Where there is sickness, there is hope of health;
Where there is disease, there is hope of wholeness, and peace of mind.
Where there is ignorance, there is hope of knowledge;
Where there is cynicism, there is hope of wisdom;
Where there is separation, there is hope of unity;
Within all endings, hope is the seed of new beginnings.
Where there are Destiny, and Karma, there is hope of Grace;
Where there are hatred and jealousy and guilt,
there is hope of forgiveness;
Where there is fear, there is hope of love.
Where there is harm and hurt and loss, hope offers the outstretched hand of balm and healing,
Which, when reached for and grasped,
Is found to contain the seeds of all that is good and true and real.
Where there is Death, there is Hope Eternal.
Hope is my name, my nature, my destiny, my gift.
Seek it, grasp it, claim it…and it has become yours.

Centrally located, close to both east and west, north and south, the Bead Angel is soon to be your favorite store! From the Lloyd Expressway, go north on Weinbach Avenue about 1/2 mile, cross the RR tracks, look for "The Crossing" on your right (east side of street). Enter either entrance and look for us on the north side of the huge central open parking lot. There we are!
We have PLENTY OF PARKING and easy handicap access, all on one level.

701 North Weinbach Avenue, Suite 540, Evansville IN 47711 812-426-2323



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