Going forward, in order to meet social distancing guidelines, there will be a number of changes in our methods of operation.  We don’t know for how long any of these changes will be necessary.  Let’s just say “for now and the foreseeable future” and leave it at that. 

NEW store hours will be:   Monday thru Saturday, Noon to 6:30pm.

In order to safeguard our staff and our customers as best we can, maximum capacity on our shopping floor will be two (2) staff and six (6) shoppers.
Face masks and gloves will be a universal part of the Bead Angel shopping experience.  
We will have locally hand-sewn reusable masks for sale, and disposable masks and gloves available for any who need them (donations accepted).

There will be no “on premises” classes, no support groups, no Reiki Sessions, and no sessions with Psychic Readers.

We hope to be able to offer sessions on Saturdays with our Psychic Readers at some point later in the year. In the meantime, several of them are available to provide you with Readings by phone and/or by other video means. You may contact them directly.
Here are their names and cell phone numbers:
THEO KOSTARIDIS  --  812-598-0717
AUTUMN COURTNEY --  812-686-4817
REV JUDY DAWN --  812-484-4900

All changes in our methods of operation, store hours, social distancing practices, etcetera, are meant to protect ALL of us.  We want to be healthy and able to offer you all the services we can, as well as all the tools and products you have come to expect from us. And we want YOU to be healthy so you can be there for your self and your friends and family for many years to come.  We are all in this together.  Be strong, stay well, and we’ll see each other through it and out the other side. 

Namaste. Cynthia Wayland and Gregory Myers

     Rather than change all individual dates on these pages, please know that EVERYTHING, EVERY EVENT, EVERY SERVICE, EVERY CLASS, IS CANCELLED.
     Feel free to contact us thru Facebook and by email. We will not be offering any product sales by mail, but we are happy to answer questions and maintain a dialogue with you.
     Take care of those you love and those you know of who are in need. If we can keep our heads up and our hearts open, we will all get through this together. Namaste.


The Bead Angel offers the services of a variety of professional readers and interpreters.

Cynthia Wayland - Channeled Guidance with Card Readings. $70 for 60 minutes. 
     Cynthia offers readings on the occasional "Psychic Saturday", as announced. Cynthia is also available most weekdays for appointments & walk-in sessions. However, there is no guarantee of available time and Advance Appointments are highly recommended. Cynthia is a conscious channel for the Great White Brotherhood. "White" refers to the brilliant white light in which they are always seen as clothed. Cynthia also channels the Brotherhood in open session on Occasional Dates As Announced. These public sessions are open to all on a donation basis.
     As co-owner of The Bead Angel, Cynthia is available for informal conversation most hours of most days. Formal individual Readings, however, should be scheduled by advance appointment.
     Using either the Reflexion Deck or the Osho Zen Tarot Deck as a tool for for focus, Cynthia & The Brotherhood will work with you to uncover & clarify the issue or issues in your life that are of most concern to you.
     As an intuitive counselor and healer, she is in constant touch wih all of her Guides, and is the epitome of a constantly "clear and perfect channel". Indeed, she reminds us of an old-style "general practitioner" -- she has a good grasp of many disciplines, works closely and intuitvely with her guides, knows what she can do to help, and knows what and whom to recommend or refer for a client when other skills are needed.

For further information on Cynthia go to her Personal Teacher Page.


Theo Kostaridis --  Greek Psychic Medium

Theo is a Sixth Generation psychic of a long family ancestry of intuitives.  Born in Athens, Greece, Theo was 4 years old when his family moved to the United States. As a young man living in Florida, Theo accepted his 'destiny' and began practicing the Psychic Arts. He now has over 16 years of professional experience as a practicing Psychic Medium.
     Theo does traditional Tarot readings -- Psychometry readings -- Tea Leaf Readings -- and Greek Coffee Readings. His personal (and family) specialty is communicating with those who have crossed over, in Psychic Medium Readings.
Theo reads regularly at The Bead Angel, usually on the 3rd Saturday of each month. His fees are $35 for 30 minutes, $70 per hour. You can call us at 812-426-2323 to schedule an appointment. THEO has a very long list of satisfied and enthusiastic clients. We highly recommend his services.
You can contact Theo directly at

For further information on Theo go to his dedicated Reader Page.

DIANA ALLEN, Psychic - Intuitive - Medium:

Diana Allen reads regularly at The Bead Angel, usually on the 4th Saturday of each month, as well as other Saturdays as announced. Diana offers Psychic-Tarot Readings, $35 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes. For additional information on Diana’s background and abilities, you may contact her directly by email at

For further information on Diana go to her dedicated Reader page


Reverend Judy Dawn:

Clairaudient - Psychic - Tarot Reader

Rev Judy Dawn is Reading at The Bead Angel: $35 FOR 30 MINUTES, $70 FOR 60 MINUTES Walk-ins accepted, Appointments Recommended. Rev Judy Dawn reads monthly on the 2nd Saturday, 10am--6pm & on other additional Saturdays as scheduled.

A note from Judy: "I have studied Tarot, Astrology, Past Life Regression, Palmistry, Color, Aura Reading, Psychometry. I also can contact people ‘in Spirit’, those who have lived & passed on. I receive messages from the Angelic realms & formulas for mystic oils.” “My work has taken me to many places & many wonderful experiences. Please do not waste your money & your time (and mine) on ‘testinq my abilities'. I will have much to tell you during our sessions and a short time to do it." "Do you seek help with your choices in Life's Great Adventure? Let's talk!" 

Rev Judy Dawn has been a Clairaudient Reader in the Evansville area since 1991. She’s a long-time friend of ours & we highly recommend her to you. 




AUTUMN does traditional Intuitive & Psychic Tarot Readings – Also specific & general Astrological Readings. 

READINGS: $35 for 30 MINUTES, $70 for 60 MINUTES. 
While AUTUMN is available one Saturday per month As Announced on a DROP-IN basis AS AVAILABLE….Advance appointments are recommended! CALL 812-426-2323.

If you want your Astrological Chart to be part of (or all of) your reading/session, you MUST call us to schedule an appointment.
Autumn usually has her computer equipment with her and can cast and print your chart 'on the spot' if you want.  PLEASE mention this when you call, so that we can tell you if you need to give us your birth info in advance.
CHART FEE (if you want it) is an additional $10. 
    Autumn may, of course, incorporate your Sun Sign info into your Reading without needing
 to cast an entire chart for you.

A Note about Autumn:
Autumn Courtney, B.A., was a political and community organizer in San Francisco in the 80’s & 90’s. She is an accomplished and experienced Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Psychic and Tarot Reader and Teacher. She is also a Certified Master Herbalist. She has been casting Charts, doing Readings, and Teaching classes in Astrology, Tarot, all things Wicca, Meditation, Herbology and More since 1996, and has resided & practiced locally in Rockport, IN since 2002.


Contact Autumn directly on FB at or email at



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