WELLNESS PRACTITIONERS & SERVICES: The Bead Angel offers the services of a variety of Alternative "Health & Wellness" Mind-Body-Spirit Practitioners:

Kay Hummel, Doctor of Natural Medicine,
DNM, HHP, AADP, CR, is a Certified Holistic Practitioner with extensive qualifications in a variety of disciplines in the field of Natural Medicine.

Kay is “in practice” with her own unique style of “Blended-energy-flow Reflexology” that incorporates & integrates her entire arsenal of Energetic & Therapeutic modalities, which includes Reflexology, Spectra Hue Color/Light Therapy, Healing Touch, Reiki, Homeopathic prescriptions, Flower Essences & Essential Oils. Kay is available for appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and can also be available by advance appointment on other days.



SIERRA KOCH, Reiki Master Teacher & Certified Crystal Healer.

Sierra offers Crystal-Centric Reiki with a light-hearted touch. Sierra is also available thru the week by advance appointment. Sierra is the facilitator for 3 of our monthly sup[port groups: Awesomesauce Tribe Women's Circle, Tarot & Oracle Card Practice Group AND Reiki Self-Healing Support & Discussion Group (see above for details on all 3). LINK to Sierra's Practitioner Page.


CRYSTAL TEDROW, Reiki Master Practitioner: 

Crystal is “on call” for individual sessions on Saturdays once monthly & occasional other times thru the week. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes.
Crystal received her first Reiki Attunements in October of 2011. She followed that up with Level Two in April of 2012 and her Third Degree in October of 2012. Crystal graduated from the University of Evansville in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Communications and a minor in Psychology.
 LINK to Crystal's Practitioner Page


WILDA KAY RAY, Reiki Master Practitioner, REIKI + :  

Wilda Ray is a ‘multiple Master’ of Reiki,  with certification as an Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master. She also has certification in ‘Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry’. She has additional experience and instruction in working with Tuning Forks and Level 2 training in Pranic Healing.
Wilda is “on call” for individual sessions on Saturdays once monthly & occasional other times thru the week. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes.
  Link to Wilda's Practitioner Page


Megan Hise Armstrong

Certified Integrative Energetic Therapist, 
Anointed Mesa Carrier & Certified Shamanic Spiritual Healer. 

Megan is 'on call' for Shamanic Readings & Shamanic/Integrative Therapy Sessions on occasional Saturdays as announced, and you should plan on calling for an advance appointment. Sessions are $40 for 30 minutes, $75 per hour.

Megan lives in Atlanta and only visits Evansville every 6 to 8 weeks, so watch our Calendar for dates for her visits to Evansville. Please call for session APPOINTMENT times well in advance.
Link to Megan's Practitioner Page


Deanna L. Daubs, RN, Reiki Master Practitioner.
“Dee” offers heart-centered Reiki sessions that are the basic essence of Reiki fortified by her nursing knowledge to help you release stress, relax the body & mind, and refresh the spirit.
Dee is available thru the week by appointment.  LINK to Dee's Practitioner Page.

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