Deanna Daubs --
Energetic Therapist -- “Simply Reiki”

DEANNA L DAUBS, RN, Reiki Master Practitioner: Dee is “on call” for individual sessions on Saturdays once monthly & occasional other times thru the week. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes.

Dee, as most people know her, obtained licensure as a registered nurse after graduating from USI’s School of Nursing in 1994. She was introduced to the benefits of Reiki a few years ago after suffering a 2nd degree burn to her hand and receiving Reiki to help treat the injury. The dramatic results that were achieved that day by combining Reiki with traditional medical first aid prompted her to seek Reiki sessions as complementary therapy for other medical issues, stress reduction and overall wellness. The addition of Reiki to her personal healthcare regimen provided marked improvement of her symptoms. She quickly realized that she, too, wanted to learn how to practice this healing art and use it in conjunction with her medical knowledge to help others.

Dee completed Reiki certification in levels 1 & 2 in early 2013 and achieved her level 3 certification in April, 2014. She has a unique perspective as a practitioner and client of both traditional medicine and Reiki. As her knowledge & abilities in Reiki have grown and as she has been exposed to other forms of alternative and complementary therapies, she realizes the importance of holistic care for the body, mind and spirit to achieve optimal healing and, sometimes, remission of symptoms.

Dee’s style of Reiki is the basic essence of the practice: To tap into the universal life energy that is literally Rei-Ki and to serve as a conduit for the flow of that energy to the client to promote relaxation, ease stress and promote healing. She strives for a heart centered practice, as she is guided both by her medical knowledge and her intuition to allow the Reiki to flow where it is most needed by her client.

She believes in starting simply when working with her clients:
Use Reiki to help release stress -- relax the body & mind -- refresh the spirit. Simply Reiki.

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