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The PATH --Tapping Your Divine Self, Assembling the Ascension Kit & Achieving Awesome Holiness (Wholeness).

Learn how the Advanced Soul can navigate its way through the Earth Matrix and home to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Times have changed. We’re in a new realm. Are you ready for the next step in your incredible journey? “The Path of Souls” is about the soul’s journey to Enlightenment and the great gift that knowledge of Ascension brings. Having crossed the Milky Way’s center during the Great Cosmic Cross of 2012 we are now embracing a new, cosmic light. In this light we will shine as never before and open to new levels of wisdom. Join us in Evansville and discover how.


(Introduction): This will be a 3-hour multi-media interactive presentation, with plenty of time for Q & A. All of William’s books & DVD’s will be available for sale and signing. FEE: $40 with advance RSVP for seat guarantee or $45 at the door. Fee may be applied as a last-minute down payment for also attending Saturday, SPACE PERMITTING .

SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 10am to 5pm: THE PATH OF SOULS - MAPPING OUR ESCAPE FROM THE EARTH MATRIX: (DETAILS BELOW)  This is an all-day multi-media event. Advance registration req'd as space is limited.

FULL FEE: $110. A $30 non-refundable down payment will hold your seat. Balance may be paid at door.

BARGAIN -- This Full Fee of $110 covers both Friday & Saturday when paid in advance. NOTE: Seating for each event is limited to 40 ONLY. Wait to RSVP at your peril. NOTE: Without RSVP & deposit NO LATER THAN WED, JUNE 5, fee is $120 at door, space permitting.

PLEASE CALL THE BEAD ANGEL @ 812-426-2323 TO REGISTER. The discounted fee for both days is a B.A.R.G.A.I.N. Call Cynthia, put your name on the list & tell her when you’ll mail a check. There is an upper limit of 40 seats for these events…and, unlike the local river banks, there will be NO overflow. Call now.

For additional biographic and programmatic information about William Henry, please go to his website,




Beginning with The Light Body Effectand Morph, William has pursued a secret, transmitted for thousands of years, that provides us, literally, with the key that unlocks the power of our Soul to exit the earth as a successful Soul. He closed in on this secret in The Secret of Sionand The Judgment Day Devicewhere he began assembling an astounding collection of art featuring maps the ancients called the Path of Souls(some, surprisingly, displaying the Judgment Day Device).

From the Pyramid Texts to the Bible to the Koran to Dante to Native American tradition, William shows how the teachings that accompany these maps encode advanced knowledge of the sacred nature of reality, parallel universes and wormholes delivered by super advanced beings. This knowledge is accompanied by a beautiful conception of enhancing our conscious connection to the greater cosmos and the morphing of the physical body into its next level of evolution (the Rainbow Body of Light or Light Body).

In this superbly illustrated presentation, William reveals the sacred mysteries and the ultimate secrets of The Path of Souls, as found in the world's traditions and sacred art.

As the pieces of The Path are discovered and assembled, William takes you to an exciting and completely new understanding of our potential.

Sessions will be held in the comfortable, energetically supportive ‘upper rooms’ of The Bead Angel. For Saturday, we have a kitchen/lounge facility, with coffee & bottled water available; feel free to bring snacks & drinks & to brown-bag your lunch. A plethora of fast-food restaurants are just 2 minutes away & there are two full-service restaurants within walking distance.

A note about registration -- William Henry is an international figure. His fees for this SAME PROGRAM in larger metropolitan areas are $200 or more. To guarantee him a minimum number of attendees at this BARGAIN RATE he has offered us – we must have your registration by June 5. DON’T MISS THIS AMAZING OFFER! Want some help in making up your mind? You can research William Henry on his website, www.williamhenry.net.

Friday June 7, 6:30—9:30pm & Saturday June 8, 10:00am—6:00pm

RSVP --The Bead Angel

PLEASE CALL THE BEAD ANGEL @ 812-426-2323 TO REGISTER. Do it now. Don’t wait. The discounted fee for both days is a B.A.R.G.A.I.N. Call Cynthia, put your name on the list, and tell her when you’ll mail a check (as long as you do it so that we can receive it by or before WED'DAY, JUNE 5). There is an upper limit of 40 seats for these events…and, unlike the local river banks, there will be NO overflow. Call now. (If you wait until the very last minute, i.e. Saturday morning, it will cost you $120 at the door without an RSVP -- so we suggest you call now!)

Author, scholar, Investigative Mythologist, international celebrity, host of the "Revelations" Radio, William Henry is also a frequent guest on ‘Coast to Coast’ Radio with George Noory. William is your guide into the transformative power of art and symbols of human ascension. He has been documenting humanity’s awakening to its spiritual magnificence for over 20 years. Inspired by the great accomplishments of antiquity, William brings to us the evidence of our divinity. Bringing to life the stories of ascension through art, he teaches the secrets of soul transfiguration or metamorphosis and connects us to one another across cultures, time and space.

William takes you on a journey using hundreds of slides of symbols & art, both modern & ancient, that enable you to see, feel and experience the secrets of enlightenment with power & clarity. The result is a phenomenal experience that anchors & activates knowledge & energy deep within your light body. The group mind of the weekend helps to enlighten each other by using the power of our collective imagination to focus and reflect our highest selves. You’ll be amazed at the levels of spiritual advancement you’ll experience.

William regularly updates all of his presentations, and has been working on his newest versions for some time. William enjoys his visits here, and we can expect new synchronistic inspirations from his fertile mind! For additional biographic and programmatic information about William Henry, please go to his website, www.williamhenry.net

For the workshop on Saturday, our on-premise facilities allow you to bring your own lunch and/or snacks. Bottled water is available, as are freshly brewed coffee, hot water and tea bags. A plethora of franchise restaurants are nearby. Bring whatever you need to be comfortable for the day. Please call The Bead Angel @ 812-426-2323 for further information

In this beautifully illustrated presentation, William will show how sacred art of the ancient Egyptian, Native American, Tibetan and Christian Last Judgment traditions (among others) feature maps that show the path for the successful soul to navigate its way through the Earth Matrix/Womb/ through the Gate of Orion to the Milky Way. This powerful journey takes us to the edge of this world and beyond, to the place where the Path of Soulsstretches out before us. William will show us not only how the ancients illustrated the Path of Souls, but also how they said we can walk it to Freedom and Sovereignty.

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