1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY's @ 7pm sharp.

An open sharing of the Lectures & Lessons given by Coptic Master Hamid Bey.

We read & study the materials together in a free-form, interactive & relaxed format. COME -- Explore the Coptic Philosophy & Mystery School Teachings with Coptic Minister, the Rev Gregory Myers & Cynthia Wayland.


Anyone may attend, regardless of previous knowledge or studies. There are no prerequisites. Fee is a donation.

Why do we host a Coptic Study Group? And why should you attend?

Please ask yourself this question:
What is my process when I need to make a decision?
What tools do you use?
Do you use 'instinct'? Intuition? Empathic awareness?
Other psychic or clairsentient abilities? Guesswork? Habit? Logic? Reason?

While all of these can be trained to be reliable guides, when untrained, they are no more reliable than an upset stomach battling the flu.

To train them, you need instruction, practice and discipline. Classes in developing your psychic gifts can help you with this. Other classes in a variety of disciplines can help with training your intellect and your habitual behaviors.

Instinct, intuition, psychic knowing and all the “clairs”, also known as gifts of the Spirit, are all very valuable....yet each has its own unique limitations, as do reason and logic as well. Each of them is a necessary window into the Mansion of Enlightenment; and since every mansion has many windows, there are obviously many valuable gifts and abilities.

Yet…is there a more reliable, more complete way of learning, knowing and deciding?
Is there A Waythat may serve as the broad front door to the mansion?

That broad doorway is to be found in the cultivation of a new hybrid, one that eliminates guesswork, tames the ego, and disciplines our habits:

This Hybrid is a Synthesis that has at its center the true core of inner awareness,

which is soul awareness, what the Coptics call At-One-Ment,

which is then wrapped in intuition, empathy and sentience,

sewn together with study and knowledge,

and expressed as:

Wisdom, which is then applied to practical situations with discernment.

That is why we study the writings of the great spiritual teachers who have come before us.

The ancient teachings are known as "wisdom teachings" for very good reasons.

That is why we seek the guidance of Avatars and Ascended Masters.

That is why we listen to the still small voice within...
the voice that transcends both the human 'gut' and the human ego….

and calls us to become and to manifest the highest and the best within us.....

which is Spirit, in body, manifest and acting on the planet for the highest good of all.

And…that is why we host a Coptic Study Group!

We will study some of the Teachings of the Coptic Masters, as recorded in the writings of Coptic Master Hamid Bey, as well as Teachings from other ancient traditions.

We will look at these Teachings with our modern viewpoints, and compare them with the offerings of a variety of modern `wisdom teachers', like Gregg Braden, Eckhardt Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Patricia Cota-Robles, and many others.

We will learn techniques and practices from many disciplines, both modern and ancient.

We will approach all with an open heart and examine all with discernment.

I invite you to join us for our twice-monthly sessions, on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings of the month, 7pm to 9pm, at The Bead Angel.

Namaste. Rev Gregory Myers

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