Introduction to Reiki:
Level 1 Attunements

Reiki Master Teachers
Cynthia Wayland & Rev Gregory Myers

Sunday, JANUARY ??? 2018, 2017, 9am – 6:15pm
(class will be repeated approximately every 60 days)


TOTAL Fee is $100 for this Level 1 Full Certification Training. Advance registration with full payment is required,
NO LATER than the previous MONDAY.
Materials included: a Manual & an individually customized Reiki Toolkit with a retail value of $75.
 Class size is limited to only 7 — Call now!
NOTE: Have you already received Certified Reiki Training? Would you like to review & refresh your knowledge? You can AUDIT this CLASS for a reduced fee less materials, receiving only the Manual and certificate,  or you can participate in the full package. Call us to discus it. 

((Please plan to show us your Certificate of Instruction at the time of registration))

The healing power of the universe—Reiki—lies all around us.
Like radio waves, that power usually remains beyond our reach until we’re “tuned in” to that frequency.

As a complement to Western medicine (not a replacement), the Reiki energy available to the Level 1 practitioner helps to balance the human energetic system, enabling the body to heal itself more readily and quickly.

This thorough introductory class into the infinite journey of Reiki prepares you to provide healing for yourself and others.

The full Level 1 Attunements, Initiations & Teachings will be introduced and conferred in alternating sessions throughout the day.

As part of your class instruction, you will learn:

** The Origin and History of Reiki
** The Nature of Reiki Energy
** Why people get sick and how Reiki heals
** The Reiki Ideals
** The Human Energy System

 ** The complete Hand Placement System
** Gassho Meditation
** How to meet & work with your Reiki Guides

All class participants will receive a series of 3 Attunements to the Level 1 Reiki energies. Ample “hands on” time is structured into the class, during which you & your fellow participants will practice the hand placements for Level 1 healing & provide healing for each other. You will be able to feel the differences in the energies coming through your classmates’ hands into your body and the energetic differences in various parts of their bodies as indicators of health or imbalance.

For class on Sunday, be sure to dress in loose, comfortable clothes. Bring a notebook, a lunch & snacks, and whatever else you may need to be comfortable for the day. QUESTIONS? Ready to register? Call The Bead Angel @ 812-426-2323. CALL NOW!

Reiki Students & Certificate Holders at all levels are strongly encouraged to attend the Reiki Share meetings held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at The Bead Angel to gain additional experience and knowledge.

For further info on the Reiki Master Teachers for this class, follow these links:
Cynthia Wayland and Gregory Myers

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