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Ron Weatherford, Master of Tai Chi & Chi Gung

Every Tuesday evening @ 6:30pm:
TAI CHI Level One:

Join Sifu Ron Weatherford for practice of various forms of Chi Gung. Experience the joy of movement, coordinating breathing with simple, easy to follow exercises that stimulate energy flow as well as physical fitness. This class series is presented as a sampler of different methods of chi exercise, including both stationary & moving meditations, Temple Exercises & Chi Gung ‘sets’.
This Level 1 series is designed especially for novices & lapsed intermediates.

Every Tuesday evening @ 7:30pm:

Level 2 is for those ‘old hands’ who have strong intermediate or advanced experience in the practice of Chi Gung or Tai Chi.
A QUALIFING INTERVIEW is required in order to get into this class. Sifu Ron has several tens of thousands hours of Teaching & Practical Experience in Tai Chi, Chi Gung & other more Martial Arts.

FEES & DETAILS: for Either Class: $10 per session.
Can’t make up your mind? Difficult work schedule?
Drop-ins are acceptable! NO weekly commitment is required.
However, we would prefer that you try to call the store to register in advance, as space is limited.
NOTE: Ron is also available, by appointment only, for individual one-on-one sessions at the rate of $30 per hour.

                 Here is a short message from Ron:
     I am a Tai Chi & martial arts instructor with almost 30 years of experience & training. I love sharing my passion for these arts with others & continue to study on my own to increase my knowledge.
     I began training in martial arts in 1977, with Sifu David Hobgood, in the art of Tai Lung – The Ultimate Dragon. Tai Lung Kung Fu was Sifu Hobgood’s synthesis of Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi and Chi Gung. We learned Tai Chi as a balance to the rigors of Kung Fu. I received 1st Degree Black Sash in 1980 and began teaching shortly thereafter. I received 2nd Degree Black Sash in 1983 and have been teaching part time ever since.

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