Cynthia Wayland -

Channeled Guidance with Reflexion Card Readings. $70 for 60 minutes.

Cynthia offers readings on the occasional "Psychic Saturday", as announced. Cynthia is also available most weekdays for appointments & walk-in sessions. However, there is no guarantee of available time and Advance Appointments are highly recommended.
Cynthia is a conscious channel for the Great White Brothehood. "White" refers to the brilliant white light in which they are always seen as clothed. Cynthia also channels the Brotherhood in open session on Occasional Dates As Announced. These public sessions are open to all on a donation basis.

As co-owner of The Bead Angel, Cynthia is available for informal conversation most hours of most days. Formal individual Readings, however, should be scheduled by advance appointment.

Using either the Reflexion Deck or the Osho Zen Tarot Deck as a tool for for focus, Cynthia & The Brotherhood will work with you to uncover & clarify the issue or issues in your life that are of most concern to you.

As an intuitive counselor and healer, she is in constant touch wih all of her Guides, and is the epitomy of a constantly "clear and perfect channel". Indeed, she reminds us of an old-style "general practitioner" -- she has a good grasp of many disciplines, works closely and intuitvely with her guides, knows what she can do to help, and knows what and whom to recommend or refer for a client when other skills are needed.

For further information on Cynthia go to her Personal Teacher Page.

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