INCENSE. We stock the world's most famous brands:

Nag Champa, original and other scents, by Satya Sai Baba, in 15, 40 and 100 gram boxes.

Hem, from India, in 8 gram and 20 gram boxes.

Morning Star from Japan, soft and gentle, in boxes of 50 mini-sticks, with included ceramic burner. Many people who have a low tolerance for scented candles or incense find that they can not only tolerate but enjoy this product. Morning Star is made using only centuries-old traditional techniques and ingredients.

WILD BERRY, a premium 'triple-scented' hand-dipped stick incense made in the USA. Each stick burns about an hour, with excellent 'scent throw'. The scents are pure, clear and clean, and they never leave a burnt or sour after-odor. Everybody loves this incense -- you will too.

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