as promulgated and held by the Coptic Fellowship International

The essence of Coptic teachings is that Truth is Universal.
Although it may be spoken in different languages by different races who have different philosophies, different methods and different techniques, Truth is always the same.

Humanity cannot change Truth, as Truth is superior, being the ultimate goal of realization.
Truth shines in every direction and can be realized from all directions.
Truth speaks for itself, but is demonstrated only through actions.

It is the intent and purpose of the Coptic philosophy to clarify the importance of the role of the individual and the group in our world.
Through it ((through study and practice of the principles of the Coptic philosophy)) we learn to give active expression in the balancing of the four-fold unity of our identity: the unity of body, mind, emotions and soul.

1. To teach the fundamental principles and common thread of truth inherent in and transcending all world religions, beliefs and philosophies.

2. To interpret ancient truth in the light of modern scientific discoveries, so as to promote the merging of science and spiritual beliefs into a unified system of understanding.

3. To promote and demonstrate the practical natural laws and principles.

4. To teach techniques and practice in the art of concentration, meditation and the revelation of inner truths of higher consciousness.

5. To give perspective and insight into the Self in relation to earth, humanity and transformation.

6. To provide many of the lost and hidden keys to understanding and applying techniques in the quest of self-mastery and eventual God consciousness.

7. To work harmoniously with other groups; to promote goodwill world-wide; to anchor the awareness and understanding of universal principles in the mass consciousness.

1. That revelations of truth are ever present and are understood as capacities are developed.

2. That these truths as they were perceived and passed on to the White Brotherhood, the Essenes and the Egyptian Coptic Order are the foundation of our teachings.

3. That God's love, made evident by and through natural law, is universal and everlasting.

4. That life, creation, progress and evolution emanate from this God Love Expression -- thus has it ever been and ever will be.

5. That love, will and wisdom are natural attributes that guide individual and social destinies to higher levels of awareness and being.

6. That each individual soul is eternal.

7. That the spiritual law of cause and effect (Karma) is nature's method of challenging us to grow and evolve.

8. That joy and happiness and health are the natural state of those who have achieved a harmonious God-Nature-Human relationship.

COPTICS demonstrate and teach the principles of balanced, positive, loving and joyful living, promote the idea of at-one-ment with all of life, and assist in the transformation of humanity through universal consciousness, one person at a time.


• The Spiritual Unity of Nations believes that all humanity is created spiritually equal.

• The SUN strives to help each person learn to express through his or her life on earth the perfection he or she already possesses in spirit.

• The SUN recognizes each person’s right to express his or her concept of the Creative Force of the Universe.

• The SUN seeks unity, harmony and love among all persons, peoples and nations.

• The SUN shall not dictate to any person, church, religion or philosophy any dogma or doctrine.

• The SUN accepts the differing practices and theologies of all religions and philosophies. Though the paths are many, the ultimate goal is oneness.

• The SUN believes that it is each person’s responsibility to use wisely the gift of matter to achieve perfect balance with spirit.

• Through common purpose, we can transcend the limitations which hinder the spiritual unification of humanity.

• The Spiritual Unity of Nations is dedicated to world peace.

The Spiritual Unity of Nations is an organizational outreach mission of the Coptic Fellowship.
You can learn more about the S.U.N. and the Coptic Fellowship here on this website, as well as on their organizational websites: and

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