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Gem & Mineral Trunk Show:
MAY, 2020:  MAY 6-7-8-9-10:

Wolf Treasures returns with 1000's of pounds of stones, crystals, fossils, mineral specimens, jewelry, beads, items of adornment, etcetera....The best that Mother Earth has to offer!!
((Wednesday evening -- MAY 6 -- 6 to 9pm only, is Preview Night.)) Don't miss this semi-annual extravaganza event!

P.S. TO BEADERS, BEAD ARTISTS, BEAD LOVERS & THE SERIOUSLY BEADIFIED: Gene usually brings some unusual beads with him as part of this show. At this time, we know that he WILL HAVE SOME new beads with him....but we don't yet know exactly what they are. Last time, it was 150-200
strands of the most beautiful, delicate, high-end faceted stone beads we had seen in a while, and at good prices! 

NOW...If you like beads, part of you likes stones...and that part of you will LOVE what Gene brings with him for this show!
ALSO: Much new jewelry and art pieces are part of it....and surprises! There are always surprises!

And, of course, there are the thousands of strands of beads that make up our regular in-store bead inventory, along with all of our single specimen pieces and other loose by-the-piece beads and stuff!!
And then, of course, there are all those wonderful items as updated further below....

WED'SDAY  MAY 06, 2020 - 6PM TO 9PM Evening "Preview" 
THURSDAY MAY 07, 2020 - 10 AM TO 9PM
FRIDAY        MAY 08, 2020 - 10AM TO 9PM
SATURDAY  MAY 09, 2020 - 10AM TO 6:30PM

SUNDAY      MAY 10, 2020 - 11AM TO 5PM

     Crystals * Minerals * Stones * Jewelry * Art
Four Full Days of the best that Mother Earth has to offer, Brought to you by Wolf Treasures of St. Louis, Missouri

* Beautiful crystal-clear spheres, 80mm to 120mm in diameter, in Cherry Quartz, Clear Quartz (Reconstituted), and Clear Amethyst (Reconstituted)
* Shaped & polished free-standing geode pieces of amazing extra-dark amethyst
* Free-form polished shapes in Tiger Eye (very rare to find these!), Fluorite & MANY other stones
* Points, carved shapes, wands, spheres of all sizes and small free-form pieces in over 100 stones
* Hundreds of quartz and other mineral clusters and specimens
* Many hundreds of quartz and other mineral points, including some Quartz points up to 12 inches tall, Cherry Quartz (reconstituted) in very large points, Smokey Quartz (natural) in very large points, etcetera
* More than a dozen sizes and styles of wands in over 40 different stones
* Mineral specimens in all natural shapes and forms
* Functional decorator pieces: lamps candle holders "wall" pieces * Carved gemstone totems and statuary
* Brass and bronze sculpture pieces with an Eastern flair
* Gemstone & Sterling Silver pendants and rings -- over 1000 pieces!
* Beautiful long silk scarves
* One-of-a-kind Artist Jewelry pieces: Silver work with stones and gems: Pendants Bracelets Hand-held Wands Mini-wand pendants
* And so much more that I almost do it all a disservice by making this partial list!

Have you been looking for the unusual? The arcane? The downright amazing? That one piece that has eluded you for years? This is your chance to find it! Those who have shopped this show previously have offered only RAVE REVIEWS about the quality, depth and breadth of the selection of materials displayed for sale.



Many Featured Events & Regular Recurring Events also each have their own page, as a Sub-page to this one, in the left-hand Sidebar Menu.

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