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Dr. Hummel offers Consultation, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Sessions at The Bead Angel.
She is generally available for appointments most TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS, plus other times as well by advance appointment, and special 'on call' days as announced on our calendar.

Depending upon complexity of services, her fees vary from $35 for a 30-minute Reflexology Session to $75 per hour or more for complex Therapeutic & Diagnostic Sessions. Initial consultations are on a donation basis. Please call for details & appointments. 812-426-2323

REFLEXOLOGY ‘PLUS’: Kay offers her own unique style of “Blended-energy-flow Reflexology” that incorporates & integrates her entire portfolio of Energetic & Therapeutic modalities, including Homeopathic Prescriptions, Color Therapy, Flower Essences & Essential Oils.

Kay Hummel, Dr of Natural Medicine, HHP, AADP, CR, CHP is a Certified Holistic Practitioner with extensive qualifications in Natural Medicine. Kay is a Certified Reflexologist & member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has extensive study and training in Homeopathy, Spectra HueTM Light Therapy and the therapeutic uses of Flower Essences & Essential Oils.

Dr. Hummel’s services are designed to help individuals move into a better state of overall wellness.
From her diverse background in Complementary Medicine, Kay understands the value keeping the body at ease so that it can enjoy life to its fullest. Core to her services is Reflexology. The reflex response provided by Reflexology to the nervous system, allows the body to release the tension blocking the flow of communication to internal glands and organs. This in turn, allows for better internal performance of the glands and organs.

Basically, there are only 3 things the body can do in response to anything it meets. They are:
Use it: oxygen, water, nutrition
Lose it: waste removal
Store it: This aspect is where most health concerns begin

Reflexology helps to strengthen the body’s ability to repair and rejuvenate by reducing the internal tension.  This helps food, water and air to be used to heal and repair while cellular waste is efficiently removed. The body is an eco-system designed to do its job. Consultations are available.

Utilized worldwide for its health benefits, Homeopathy continues to prove itself a valuable member of the Healing Arts. Working with the body’s wisdom is at the core of its workings. Sending what is termed as an “energetic (vibrational) signal”, the body will respond in such a manner as to connect to that signal. As it does so, the body begins to return to its previous state before the invader arrived within it. Many articles liken it to how a vaccination works, without any of the chemical additions. Regulated and regarded as safe by the FDA, Homeopathy continues to gain more respect worldwide for its ability to support health and wellness.

“The body has never forgotten how to heal. It can and will produce health provided the obstacles are not too great.” -- S. Hahnemann

We suggest you look up Dr. Hummel on Face Book. Her page is Kay Hummel's Reflexology Plus.

You may contact Kay directly by email at n2wellness@live.com

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