Megan Hise Armstrong

Certified Integrative Energetic Therapist,
Anointed Mesa Carrier & Certified Shamanic Spiritual Healer. 

Megan is 'on call' for Shamanic Readings & Shamanic/Integrative Therapy Sessions on occasional Saturdays as announced, and you should plan on calling for an advance appointment. Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes, $70 per hour.

Megan lives in Atlanta and only visits Evansville every 6 to 8 weeks, so watch our Calendar for dates for her visits to Evansville. Please call for session times well in advance.

A native and Resident of Atlanta, GA, Megan also has strong ties to the Evansville area. A Reiki Master since 2007, Megan is Certified (2011-2012) in Integrative Energetic Healing from the White Wind Institute in Atlanta. The International School of Shamanism in Atlanta (2010-2012) has Anointed her as a Mesa Carrier & Shamanic Spiritual Healer. As a Shamanic Spiritual Healer, Megan offers Integrative Therapy sessions utilizing a variety of disciplines & techniques.

Shamanic energy work can be gentle and soothing to deep and penetrating. Megan collaborates with the energies of the Universe to begin to restore her client’s balance and vitality. The work she does is based in LOVE and authentic vulnerability and sessions are always driven by the comfort level of the client. Her unique approach encourages and empowers the client to be an active participant in their own recovery. Megan considers herself to be down-to-earth and out-going with a flair of southern charm. She bases her work on unconditional love and acceptance, which she practices daily on herself, as she gets accustomed to being in a new city. She says that watching her female shaman teacher work for the first time brought to life for her the magic she had always dreamed about, and firmly set the future course of her life. She says a Mesa Carrier is “One who walks in authenticity, one who walks in their true nature”. She knows that this is her authentic path, and seeks only to share it with you. NOTE: Megan emphasizes that she is NOT a Shaman. Training as a Shaman is a journey of apprenticeship that takes years, decades, and is a journey that she has not – as yet – chosen for herself. She IS deeply trained in Shamanic Healing techniques and offers these techniques to the benefit of all who are open to them.

Gifted since birth with empathic abilities, her dedication to personal development is unyielding. Shadow work is a major component of her abilities, as she is able to see down to the root of current issues. Her work is likened to the undercurrent of the ocean, powerful yet subtle as it pulls up things to the surface. She welcomes all and congratulates those who choose to work with her as Shamanic Shadow work is not easy work to take on. But just like a clam in the sea, she will stay by you to ensure the rub of your sand turns into a precious pearl.

In her spare time, Megan is a fitness & wellness enthusiast. She stays busy building furniture from pallets, also designing masks & headdresses inspired by her work as a Mesa Carrier. In 2014, she added Positive Psychology based Life Coaching to her repertoire as a natural progression for sessions. She is in constant pursuit of education & personal development. She continues to work on her degree in Biopsychology, even if at a snail’s pace. (Snail medicine is all about trust, protection, balance, mobility and self-reliance.)

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