Rather than change all individual dates on these pages, please know that EVERYTHING, EVERY EVENT, EVERY SERVICE, EVERY CLASS, IS CANCELLED.
     Feel free to contact us thru Facebook and by email. We will not be offering any product sales by mail, but we are happy to answer questions and maintain a dialogue with you.
     Take care of those you love and those you know of who are in need. If we can keep our heads up and our hearts open, we will all get through this together. Namaste.


BELOW and in the following pages you will find information on most of the TEACHERS AND PRESENTERS who are currently (or have been in the past) affiliated in some way with The Bead Angel....

(for info on Readers or Alternative Wellness Practitioners who are not listed below, please see those pages on this website).....

Cynthia Wayland -
     Cynthia is a conscious channel for the Great White Brothehood. ("White" refers to the brilliant white light in which they are always seen as clothed).
     As owner of The Bead Angel, Cynthia is available for informal conversation most hours of most days.  She also offers Formal individual sessions which, however, MUST be by advance appointment only. Using the Reflexion Deck as a tool for focus, Cynthia and The Brotherhood will work with you to uncover and clarify the issue or issues in your life that are of most concern to you. Fees are $70 for 60 minutes. Cynthia is also certified as a Reiki Master Teacher.
     As an intuitive counselor and healer, she is in constant touch with all of her Guides & is the epitomy of a truly "clear and perfect channel". Indeed, she reminds us of an old-style "general practitioner" -- she has a good grasp of many disciplines, works closely and intuitvely with her guides, knows what she can do to help, and knows what and whom to recommend or refer for a client when other skills are needed.
     If you have spoken with Cynthia for 10 minutes, or attended an evening channeling session, you know how clear her guides are, how strong her talent is, and what a loving yet no-nonsense spirit she has. If there is an issue in your life that has you bothered and bewildered, call now for an appointment.

     Cynthia is the primary teacher and leader of our Wednesday Evening series of Classes and Programs. Please see the Wednesday Eve Class Page for full details and schedules. If you are looking for a way to get your head straight and start infusing more real spirituality into your personal life or personal practice -- DON'T MISS ANOTHER ONE OF THESE Wednesday Eve Sessions. Really.
     Cynthia also co-teaches at The Bead Angel (with Rev Gregory Myers, her husband) the complete series of classes in the ancient art of Reiki healing.
     For Further information on Cynthia see her Personal Page under Teachers



Tai Chi & Chi Gung:



William Henry: For information on William Henry, please peruse his website at
www.williamhenry.net. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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