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The Munay-KI:

THE MUNAY-KI are the Nine Great Initiation Rites of The Medicine Way...

These Rites and Teachings were offered at The Bead Angel twice in 2008 and again in the Spring of 2009. Fantastic! Reviews by those attending were uniformly enthusiastic.

We regret to inform everyone that Janet Whittington, Shaman and Licensed Counselor and Therapist, has no plans at the present time to offer The Rites as part of a formal teaching program or class. We hope that Janet can be persuaded to work with us again in the future. 

In the meantime, there are others in the region who are offering The Rites and Teachings, either as a stand-alone curriculum or as an energetic part of a larger program. 

Joan Denton is offering The Rites on an occasional basis at her center, Hathor House, in Madisonville, KY. You can contact Joan by email at

Please peruse the information below if you are interested in The Nine Great Rites of The Munay-Ki:

The Munay-KI:

THE MUNAY-KI are the Nine Great Initiation Rites of The Medicine Way...


Would you free yourself from your fears? Would you choose to age gracefully and healthfully? Would you choose to live in full consciousness of your True Self? Would you choose to know, accept and embody your evolving transcendent nature?


Then join us @ The Bead Angel for three (3) transcendent Sunday afternoons, from 11am to 4pm, on a set of Sundays as noted above.

With Janet Whittington, Shaman, to receive "The Rites and The Teachings" ((that is how we presented them in co-operation with Janet, 3 Rites at a time, in 3 sessions, over no less than 60 days))


The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak of new humans appearing on the earth, free of fear and fully embodying their transcendent nature. The Munay-Ki are the nine great initiation rites of the medicine way, and they are the codes for this new Human. Until recently, the rites, which are delivered by energetic transmission, were available only to the high wisdom keepers of the Americas.

The prophecies of the Peruvian Q'ero, the last direct descendants of the ancient Inka, say that the time has come for others to receive and give the Munay-Ki.

In the summer of 2006, the Q'ero elders invited Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author, medical anthropologist, and founder of The Four Winds Society, to climb one of the sacred mountains in the Andes, and to receive the Munay-Ki. He and a group of 30 people did so.

Upon returning to the U.S., The Four Winds Society first gave the rites to a group of shamans in November, 2006. At the second transmission of the rites, in March, 2007, Janet Whittington, MAE, LPCC, a shaman and licensed professional clinical counselor in private practice in Henderson, KY, received the Munay-Ki from Alberto, the Four Winds shamans, and the Q'ero .

Munay-Ki is Quechua and translates as "I love you", or "Be as thou art". Receiving the Munay-Ki causes you to live, age, and die differently. Receiving the Munay-Ki allows your chakras to regain their original colors as they become free from the energetic emotional sludge caused by past traumas. The Munay-Ki connects you to a lineage of Earth Keepers, luminous beings from the past and the future, who are now part of the great matrix of life. For detailed information about the Munay-Ki, go to

Janet Whittington, MAE, LPCC, will offer ((offered)) the Munay-Ki at the Bead Angel during a series of three sessions:

Each session will meet ((met))  on a Sunday, from 11:00am to 4:30 p.m., and 3 rites will be given at each session. The dates are as listed above.

All three sessions are necessary and are to experienced as a "whole". The cost of the teaching and coaching that necessarily accompany the transmission of the rites is $200.

(The rites themselves are given free of charge.)

Payment may be made in two increments: Half must be paid no later than Wednesday, March 11, before the first session, to reserve your space. The balance may be paid any time before the start of the second session. The number of students attending is limited to a total of 10, so call now to reserve your spot! No refunds for cancellations after March 1, 2009.

Those who attended the first session last time, and paid only the $100 first half, may attend the second and third sessions this time for only $100. Those who attended the first and second sessions last time, missing the third, while having paid the entire tuition, may attend the third session at no extra fee. Those who attended all 3 sessions last time and wish to reinforce their understanding of the Munay-Ki by receiving the entire set of rites a second time may do so for half tuition, $100 total. Any of these MUST pre-register and pre-pay by Wednesday, March 11.

For whatever current information we may have about about Janet Whittington and/or the Munay-Ki, whether at the Bead Angel or some other venue, call the Bead Angel at 812-426-2323. BELOW you will find our archived information for Janet. It has not been updated.

Janet Whittington (Shaman & Counselor):

Janet Whittington, MAE, LPCC, is a licensed counselor in private practice in Henderson, KY. A longtime meditator, Janet studied Siddha Yoga with Swami Muktananda in the 1980s. Her ongoing interest in energy healing led Janet to Dr. Alberto Villoldo's work, and in March, 2006, she began studying at the Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society. In her studies with Dr. Villoldo and the Four Winds staff, she has learned the powerful healing techniques of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, particularly those of the Peruvian Q'ero, who are direct descendants of the ancient Inka. In her practice at Golden Counseling Services, Janet offers clients both traditional talk therapy and energy therapies.

Janet has led several events at The Bead Angel, including an on-going, twice-yearly presentation of The Nine Great Rites of the Munay-Ki. Below is the most recent contact info we had for Janet as of the end of 2009. We do not have a current new business address for Janet, sorry.

Golden Counseling Services: Janet Whittington, MAE, LPCC. Talk & Cognitive Therapies - Energy Therapy - 19 South Main Street, Suite B, Henderson, KY 42420 270-826-8525 or you can try



SEPTEMBER 26 - 27 - 28, 2008: John Davis, Director of Coptic Fellowship International, Renowned Professional Numerologist, was here for an evening program, an all-day personal development seminar, and a full schedule of personal numerology sessions.

THE BEAD ANGEL & Coptic Fellowship International PRESENT(ED):

LECTURE, WORKSHOP & READINGS: A Weekend with John Davis:  Esoteric Psychologist & Counselor -- World Class Numerologist -- Egyptologist

LECTURE: Friday, September 26, 2008 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. $10.00 (please call to register): A MAJOR PLANETARY SHIFT: Occurring in 2008

Based on the ancient science of planetary numerology, according to many, this year represents the actual birth of the Aquarian Age. This date is a major shift into a new planetary beginning with no subconscious challenges, a very rare occurrence on the planetary level.

Around 1900, Alice Bailey and the many books she wrote discussed in depth the emergence of a new group of World Servers who would be living in the early 2000's to initiate the Aquarian Age through the power of positively motivated group prayer and thought projection. To accomplish this mission, World Servers throughout the earth are moving mentally into a multi-world dimension.

This is a world mission through the acceptance of certain simple principles embracing the future vision of humanity by understanding the concept of the world as one family in multi-diversities. We are praying for the positive and prosperous evolution of earth's creation.


PERSONAL STEPS TO INNER ASCENSION:  Becoming the Light of the World --

Positive Thinking & Success -- Power of the Word -- Creating Your Own Reality -- Creating Lifestyle Changes for Good Health -- Unlocking Keys to Prosperity Consciousness --

Planetary Transformation: Your Role in the Great Plan -- Atlantis * Egypt * Age of Aquarius --

Healing of the Nations -- Personal and Planetary Dharma

THE "HOW TO" OF INTUITIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Tests of the Nile -- Personal subconscious programming: power of manifestation -- Your mind and its powers: relationship of conscious, subconscious, and superconscious -- Alpha mental state in 60 seconds --

Decoding the Secrets of the Sphinx

PRINCIPLES OF SELF-AWARENESS : FROM MYSTERY TO MASTERY: Vision of personal greatness -- Power of silence * meditation -- Creating a new world

SPLITTING YOUR MENTAL SEED ATOM: Birth of the 3rd eye -- Immortality and second birth -- Chakras, the universe within -- Kundalini process: serpent power within --

Individual & planetary healing techniques

Saturday, September 27, 2008 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. $50.00. PLEASE PRE-REGISTER For ALL EVENTS & Personal Readings 812-426-2323

NUMEROLOGY READINGS: John Davis is an esoteric psychologist, counselor and a world class numerologist who has given over 10,000 readings. John's readings bring past life issues into the present life. This numerology scientific profile is ablueprint for the potential opportunities as well as challenges, karmic patterns and hidden abilities. Thesecret language revealed in the name indicates past lives. The date of birth is the physical destiny. Anew feature of his personality profiles reveals a hidden spiritual purpose given to each soul exactly ninemonths after their birth. All readings are taped for your convenience.

Numerology Readings: $50 for 30 minutes: Friday, September 26: 2:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m....Saturday, September 27: 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m....Sunday, September 28: 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. To Schedule a Reading, Please Call The Bead Angel @ 812-426-2323

A B O U T T H E P R E S E N T E R: JOHN DAVIS is Director ofCopticInternational,a modern philosophicalorganization based on the MysterySchools of ancient Egypt. John hastaken 26 tours to Egypt. He is authorof Messiah and the Second Coming(1981) and Revelation for Our Time(1997). John is president of WorldLight Travels, one of the first metaphysicalorganizations introducing worldwide tours toEarth Power Places. John is also director of theSpiritual Unity of Nations (S.U.N.). The S.U.N. isdedicated to "The World as One Family".



William Henry: Investigative Mythologist

Friday evening, May 16, 2008: Revelation 2012 & The Eye of The Needle. Multi-media Lecture, book signing, Q & A session, $25 in advance, $30 @ door. Saturday, May 17, 2008: Stargate Metaphysics: Secrets of Enlightenment. $85 in advance for both days, $95 after April 21, $105 after May 12.

William Henry is an Internationally renowned author, speaker, teacher, radio host! This event was alternately inspiring, confusing, enlightening, amazing, and any other positive 'zing' you can think of! Literally everyone who attended offered rave reviews! We only manage to get him here in Evansville once a year. Don't miss your chance the next time William comes to Evansville!******************************************************************************************************************

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