Cynthia Wayland - Teacher, Channel, Guide

Cynthia is a conscious channel for the Great White Brothehood. ("White" refers to the brilliant white light in which they are always seen as clothed -- see extensive details below)

As owner of The Bead Angel, Cynthia is available for informal conversation most hours of most days.  Formal individual sessions, however, MUST be by advance appointment only. Using one of several Oracle or Tarot Decks as a tool for focus, Cynthia and The Brotherhood will work with you to uncover and clarify the issue or issues in your life that are of most concern to you. Cynthia is also certified as a Reiki Master Practitioner. Fees are $70 for 60 minutes. She is AVAILABLE most hours, most days, but ONLY BY ADVANCE APPOINTMENT.

As an intuitive counselor and healer, she is in constant touch with all of her Guides & is the epitome of a truly "clear and perfect channel". Indeed, she reminds us of an old-style "general practitioner" -- she has a good grasp of many disciplines, works closely and intuitively with her guides, knows what she can do to help, and knows what and whom to recommend or refer for a client when other skills are needed.

If you have spoken with Cynthia for 10 minutes, or attended an evening channeling session, you know how clear her guides are, how strong her talent is, and what a loving yet no-nonsense spirit she has. If there is an issue in your life that has you bothered and bewildered, call now for an appointment.

Cynthia is the primary teacher and leader of our Wednesday Evening series of Classes and Programs. Please see the Wednesday Eve Class Page for full details and schedules. If you are looking for a way to get your head straight and start infusing more real spirituality into your

personal life or personal practice -- DON'T MISS ANOTHER ONE OF THESE Wednesday Eve Sessions. Really.

Cynthia also co-teaches at The Bead Angel (with Rev Gregory Myers, her husband) the complete series of classes, all levels, in the ancient art of Reiki healing.

Further information on CHANNELING: 
Cynthia Wayland is a conscious channel for a communal consciousness who are part of the Great White Brotherhood.  ‘White’ refers to the brilliant white light in which they are always ‘seen’ as clothed. 

The ‘Hood, as we affectionately refer to them, are not flashy. They do not ask Cynthia to enter deep trance and speak with a disembodied voice. Cynthia’s process with them is known as ‘conscious channeling’. She is aware and present throughout the process, although she takes a ‘back seat’ while they are present and they do the speaking. You will see subtle changes in her body language, voice and speech patterns.
They don't name themselves, and they don't "do windows"….. that is, they don't open a predictive window on the future. They describe themselves as endlessly interested in and fascinated by human beings. They come through Cynthia to engage us in conversation, to encourage us, to inspire us, to lead us to investigate our lives and the choices we make and most especially the assumptions upon which we base the choices we make. They attempt to lead us to seek answers to questions we aren't even certain how to frame or ask, and to implement solutions to the problems underlying those questions.
Every session with Cynthia and The Brotherhood is interactive, instructive, enlightening and entertaining.

Please call The Bead Angel @ 812-426-2323 to schedule an appointment or for more information about Cynthia's abilities or any public channelings or other events or classes that may be scheduled.

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